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breastfeeding isn’t all or none

Many new mothers believe that if they can’t fully provide from their milk they give up on the idea breastfeeding completely and supplement with formula. But wait, honey!! Every drop of breastmilk counts for your baby to get the healthiest start in life.

pic courtesy of The Natural Nipple

If you we’re to get sick with say the cold or for, specialised white blood cells will appear in your breast milk to protect your baby. Conversely, if your baby becomes sick, the transfer of germs from baby to your breast will trigger the production of specific antibodies. These antibodies will be deposited into your milk to boost your baby’s immunity and help her fight off illness. Substances in your breast milk will also enhance the development of your baby’s immature immune system.

Pic of live breast milk.

And guess what you don’t necessarily need a while lot of breast milk to help your baby stay healthy – according to a report by the Iowa Extension Service, every teaspoon of breast milk has 3,000,000 germ killing cells in it; so if a baby gets even one tsp. a day, it is very valuable!

Even if you can only nurse at night, that’s fine, honey! Your baby gets the immunities he needs and you’re still able to create bonding time with your baby when you nurse.

Breastfeeding isn’t a one size fits all. Each mother feeds differently but don’t give up, honey!! A healthy start is just a feeding away!



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