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breastfeeding: a last resort

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The Global Breastfeeding Scorecard, which evaluated 194 nations, found that only 40% of children younger than six months are breastfed exclusively (given nothing but breastmilk) and only 23 countries have exclusive breastfeeding rates above 60 percent. 😢 Breastfeeding is treated as a last resort to families.

40%??????? This is a public health crisis. As advocates we teach about the benefits of breastfeeding but we need to emphasize the risks of not breastfeeding more. Could this potentially be a tipping point to human extinction??

We think so.

Why the low breastfeeding rates you ask?? ⠀

• limited breastfeeding support⠀

• competent staff training⠀

• lack of support for nursing mothers returning to work ⠀

But most importantly..⠀

The aggressive promotion by the formula industry and the ineffective monitoring of legislation that bans aggressive promotion of formula. ⠀

This GREATLY undermines our efforts to increase rates of breastfeeding worldwide.

Our views are backed by science and you cannot deny the biological benefits of breast milk. It was specifically designed to feed human babies. ⠀

Lactivists such as myself are not anti formula but are advocates of using breast milk alternatives such as donor milk and formula as the LAST resort to infant feeding. Formula has its place in the maternal world when mothers physically or medically cannot breast/chest feed and for medical complications for a baby. ⠀

Mothers need effective lactation counseling (from peer counselors, breastfeeding specialists and IBCLC) and a support system to accomplish breastfeeding goals, it’s a fact!!

Honey, if you are unable to breastfeed or choose not to breastfeed but still want the highest source of nutrition for your baby, explore alternative options for breast milk through Milk Donor banks in your city. There are donor milk groups on FB as well. ⠀

How can we help you achieve your goals today, honey?


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