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corporate lactation room design

Many nursing mothers have to return back to work after having a baby. With no adequate paid maternity leave laws in place this leaves mothers scrambling to bond with their baby, sometimes within six weeks.

Although some mothers are fortunate to receive up to 12 weeks maternity leave through federal FMLA laws, there still needs to be drastic changes made to include PAID maternity leave.

When women return back to work it can take an emotional toll on their mental abilities to work. Some moms are ready to jump back into work and others dread the thought of leaving their baby.

The juxtaposition of being a mom and holding down a career leaves moms with the options of staying home or preparing to pump to return to work. Preparing for the transition emotionally is just as important as coordinating your childcare schedule.

Our biggest concern as mothers is making sure our baby is healthy and fed properly. Returning to your employers emotionally healthy and maintaining it in a mother/baby friendly space is necessary for both mom and employer to obtain mom's optimal health and maintain profitable business practices.

Employers with 50+ employees are required by law to have adequate lactation space for nursing mothers. Successful employers who have noted the Business Case for Breastfeeding have seen:

  • Retention of experienced employees;

  • Reduction in sick time taken by both moms and dads for children's illnesses

  • Lower health care and insurance costs.

Issa win win!!

Our design team provides the accommodations needed to bridge the transition of a new nursing mother returning to work.

Whether you're an employer or you're a new mother returning back to work, we have a few design tips we use when preparing the design for your lactation room. Progressive companies recognize that designing appropriate lactation spaces for breastfeeding mothers is now a crucial amenity for a truly inclusive workplace and Milk + Honey Co. Breastfeeding Boobtïk can assist.

1. Adequate and Private Space

The law requires employers to provide a place that is not a bathroom. It must be completely private so that no one can see inside the space and no one is able to enter the space while it is being used. It also must be useable as a space for expressing breast milk.

Even if you have fewer than 50 employees and want to provide an inclusive environment for employees and patrons we can provide design in the smallest of spaces.

2. Modern and chic designing

I know when we think of nursing mothers babies come to mind and I've seen many mother's rooms that look exactly like a baby's nursery? Hunh? Let us not forget, you have adult working women there and sometimes this space is used as Mommy time and quiet room while on break. We make the lactation room modern and chic and create an ambience for moms.

Breastfeeding is isolating so make sure to keep moms with a variety of magazines, a small working table for a laptop, because many moms still work on their pump breaks, mirror and aesthetics, flower vase, picture frames, etc.

2. Too far away.

Limited lactation spaces can lead to loss of time and productivity for both employees and employers. The best lactation spaces are designed to be easily accessible by moms when they need them and located in close proximity to where they work.

3. Pumping Accessories

An adequate space also provides necessities for nursing mothers. These supplies can include microwaves for sterilizing equipment, bottle brushes, outlets, diapers, wipes, disinfectant wipes, sample nipple creams, organizing rolling cart and more. More accessories are offered if there is high traffic but most lactation rooms don't need the organizational cart because moms bring their pumps and accessories with them.

If you are preparing to return to work.


If you are informed of what you are entitled to as a working and pumping mom the transition will be easier. Informing your employer ahead of time by creating a lactation plan prepares employers on how to navigate around your pumping schedule for work. You can find tons of sample letters on the internet.

Moms need the support from not only family and friends but from employers too.

If you or your employer is in need of designing a lactation room for your company contact us soon!!

Come on in and get this TEA, honey!!!


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