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limiting visitors in the early days of postpartum

Hey honey…. have you thought about who’s coming by when babee arrives??

Bringing home a newborn presents its own set of worries and new challenges as a new parent.

Take the load or pressure off by telling folks to gather somewhere else 👀 for a few weeks at least.

With postpartum planning session you select a few folks to come by in the early days. Select the ones that can truly support you for days on end.

A few reasons to set boundaries are

1. Babies do not form their blood-brain barrier for about two months and so they are at risk for more serious infections until that point.
2. Learning to breastfeed takes patience and for some their journey may begin rocky depending on your birth. Those first few weeks are crucial to learn your babee your body and how to make milk.
3. REST! You really should be resting and taking it all in. You will have so many fleeting emotions and hormonal changes and the excitement may be too much for you.

Dads or partners are the guardians of support in this instance by enforcing this sacred time for the both of you. Having this boundary in place for a well-meaning visitors before the babee arrives is essential to curb your visitors’ excitement by being clear and detailed on the boundaries you both have established.

Planning the postpartum now is essential to a smoother transition. Pick up the Partum Me Honey Workbook to start now


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