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the ultimate labor companion: the peanut ball

Hey Honey!

Doulas are known for having a bag of goodies to attend births to keep honeys comfortable and to keep labor going. One of those goodies are Birth balls and the companion of choice is specifically the peanut ball!!

If you had to choose one item to bring to a birth why would it be the peanut ball?? 🍯

This simple yet incredibly effective tool has been changing the birthing experience for countless Honeys-to-BEE and it could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for during labor.

I learned early on peanut balls are the go to for labor and beyond. They allow a birthing honey to relax and possibly sleep while keep the pelvis open. I primarily use these in early and active labor to conserve energy and rest.

Honeys have the option of sitting in the bed to rest upright of sidelykng. I also include partners in this resting period too. This is the time to fill her with positive reinforcement, touching, massage strokes, kissing or even sleep before the transition. We keep the oxytocin flowing while keeping the pelvis open to keep labor going.

It's 50-50 on honeys loving it. They hate it at the time because contractions came become really intense but it's doing it's job keeping labor going. Soon you will meet your babee.

If you are birthing in a hospital setting, discuss with your healthcare provider about incorporating the peanut ball into your birth plan. Make sure the hospitals have one available because if they have a busy night you may not have one. It never hurts to bring your own back up just in case. Size matters so be sure to shop a ball big or small enough for your height. Shop here for the kind I use.

I receive a small commission off my storefront*

And if you’re a birth partner or labor support, advocate for the use of the peanut ball during labor if honeys choose an epidural. With the right positioning you can utilize the ball to mimic movement and progress labor to a vaginal birth.

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits the peanut ball offers:

💫 Optimal Positioning

💫 Comfort and Support

💫 Labor progresses more quickly

💫 Engaging Babee

💫 Resting

🎉Don’t panic, take action!

Don’t let labor discomfort overshadow the joy of bringing new life into the world. Embrace the power of the peanut ball and make your birthing journey smoother, possibly shorter and a more empowering experience for you and your babee. 🥜👶🏽

Looking for birth to breastfeeding support?! It's no coincidence you found me, it was me to BEE! Take a class or book a lactation visit ganen babee arrives to get you off to the Breast Start of your journey.

*** I'm Jada your local ATL homebirth doula here to share birth to breastfeeding tips. As usual this blog post is not medical advice it is practical but evidence based facts backed up by science, ancestral traditions complemented with the birth stories as a community health worker. ***

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