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colostrum is milk

Hey honey!

Let’s talk about the stages of breast milk. Many new honeys have no idea that breast milk comes in small tiny amounts and builds in volume and changes composition daily. Breast milk changes composition daily based off your babee’s needs and that includes the amount you make in the early days of breastfeeding.

How does your body know what your babee needs?

The latch and it's in the saliva. Or if exclusively pumping coming contact with your babee for example by kissing them. 🥰


Up first...... Colostrum


Unless you are choosing to exclusively pump or separated from babee it is strongly advised not to pump during the first six weeks until your supply has regulated. However feeding challenges may have honeys pumping sooner than later. Always consult with a. Lactaion consultant as a breast pumpin is considered a medical device.

During the first few weeks milk production is controlled by your hormones and the body is trying to figure out how many babees you have had and adding extra nipple stimulation by pumping could create an oversupply which can lead to other medical conditions. Colostrum is very thick and is hard to express with a pump. Hand expression works best to drain the breast.

If you have become separated from your babee or your babee is in NICU you will need to begin pumping.

AHHHHHHHHHHH, make sense now?


or pumping if you are exclusively pumping

By 40 days postpartum your milk volume will have built in volume to sustain your baby through the weaning stage. Which by coincidence is the same amount of time your should be recovering during the postpartum.

It's all by design honey.

Prenatal hand expression is helpful to some honeys and should be included in your birthing plan. It's the best back up for honeys and should begin around 37 weeks in low risk honeys.

If you are currently expecting or newly breastfeeding my Masterclass The First Latch will get you started on the right tit when it comes to breast or chest feeding. If you are experiencing painful breastfeeding or have questions on how to build your milk supply, book an appointment with me here.


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