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do you have a slacker boob?

#SistahSistah is baaaack!

Have you seen all the #Sistah Sistah reels, honey!!! #clickplay

Your breasts are sistahs not twins honey! They have their own mind sometimes lol.

It’s common to have a better output from one boob than the other.

Most lactating persons produce more in their right breast. Science hasn’t quite figured it out but there could be a few reasons why you have a slacker boob:

Does babee prefer one side over the other?

Do you prefer one side over the other?

Is the anatomy of the breast different in texture or size?

Any previous breast augmentation done?

Is the flow different?

Does it taste different?

The important thing is to stay on top of it.

Begin and end with the slacker boob.

You could try pumping while you’re feeding. **suggested after regulation period of 6-8 weeks.

Have pump flanges sized correctly.

And my favorite tool to teach, Hand Expression. 🙌🏾 Hand expression can help to stimulate milk production through the increase of oxytocin. Get handsy honey and warm up those breasts before working them out!!

If you need more help boom a virtual or home visit here honey!


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