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how to throw an amazing virtual baby shower

Celebrating life is the most precious event that can happen to a new mother and her family. Planning for showers is a rite of passage for some moms. Some moms I said. If you're pregnant then you're looking for alternate ways to celebrate your bundle of joy during COVID19.

I did not specifically create this post for the pandemic but with mandatory ordinances to practice social distancing what better way to celebrate by throwing a virtual baby shower.

Unfortunately, COVID19 has rearranged many life events and we're hoping that you are taking all safety precautions by practicing social distancing and not participating in any social gatherings.

If they do not live with you, do not visit them. Pretty simple.

The sheer anticipation of a gathering of beloved family and friends to celebrate new life is part of your transition into motherhood. I have attended two virtual showers before and first let me say it gave this home body so much life to not be have to leave the house to participate. At first it took a minute to get use to interacting through the computer but the fun was still the same if not more engaging than a normal shower.

Of course it will never take the place of the face to face interaction but it's worth a try. Virtual showers are great if this isn't your first rodeo with having a kid and you don't really have a pressing need for baby items besides diapers.

What is a virtual baby shower and how does it work?

Well, it's just that..a baby shower that you would invite family and friends and particularly those that live long distances to join a phone call on a specific date and time to celebrate the arrival of your new baby virtually. It's not the traditional in person gathering and interaction of playing baby games and stuffing our faces with traditional baby shower foods like meatballs, chicken wings, chicken salad and CAKE. A virtual shower can be just as intimate and fun.

It’s true tho.

Here are a few easy steps needed to pull of the perfect virtual baby shower.

1. Where to host it?

Right in the comforts of your home. This is where you would decorate the space you plan to sit during the virtual call. Some moms pick a corner in the house and decorate the space with streamers, balloons and confetti. The possibilities are endless. You can decorate with the same extravaganza at a venue or keep it simple at the table in your kitchen, its totally up to you. People can also send in decorations like a Mom To Be sash, flower crown, games and prizes as well. You can also designate someone to send a cake to you as well.

2. Pick your host.

Your host will be your main point of contact just like a normal baby shower. If you won't be hosting yourself make sure to find someone that is familiar with virtual meetings. The host should gather the emails of your guests and send invitations out in enough time for you to receive the gifts before the shower. If you plan to host your baby shower there are also virtual baby shower platforms, like WebBabyShower for a minimal cost to handle the ins and outs for you.

3. Pick a virtual platform to host on.

There is currently a boom of online video conferencing that are popping up for businesses why not utilize them for your shower. I prefer Zoom because you can invite as many people as you'd like. It does have a free option to choose from with a limited time of 40 minutes. We must advise to take extra precautions when providing links with access to your shower to prevent hacking into the account. Learn how here. Others fee platforms to consider are, Google Meet, Skype or good old fashioned FaceTime.

4. Send out invites

There are many online platforms to create a digital invitation to send to your invited guests such as eVite. Remember to make sure invitations include detailed instructions for older guests, like Grandma and Grandpa, to make sure they have internet access.

5. Ask for gifts your in advance.

You'd do the exact planning of preparing your baby registry, which by the way should include services for a doula, lactation consultant and/or postpartum doula. Remember that.

Guests can send their gifts or eGifts ahead of time a week or so before or during the week of the shower date. Guests can also show their gifts during the virtual call and send it to the mother afterwards. If the gifts are sent online, guests can print a picture of it to show as well.

6. Play baby shower games.

Of course we look forward to the games played at baby showers and online games can be just as fun. You can send the winners their gifts afterwards. If you need more ideas Pinterest has a plethora of virtual baby shower games to choose from. It will take a little creativity but here are a couple of online baby shower games to play:

Baby Bet

There is are many online baby betting sites for baby shower where participants can guess the answer and there is no need to sign up. You create the pool, such as the date guests think baby will actually arrive, they click the link to choose. It will tally the entries with closest date and pick the winner.

Baby Shower Quizzes

You can play online quizzes as well. You could have guests email you the answers before the date, or you could use an online quiz maker like Queezly to create the questions.

7. Food

Traditionally, food is the nucleus of any baby shower and a virtual one should be no different. With your shower being virtual you can provide no food at all and cut the cost of food for your event. I'm sure no one would mind. If you'd still like to have food but not sure how try these ideas:

  • Create mini recipes for your guests like chicken salad or dips to make the day of the shower and have everyone showcase their dishes.

  • Send cupcakes, mini cakes and candy bars to your guests ahead of the shower date.

  • Give out gift cards to restaurants, eateries or tea shops.

8. Send out reminders.

Remind your guests of your event a week or so in advance. Virtual events need a little more attention and hand-holding, since there isn't a physical place to be. 

8. Send out Thank You cards to your guests.

Send your guests Thank You cards or follow up messages thanking them for attending and purchasing gifts for your new bundle of joy. Although your shower was virtual, handwritten personal thank you cards add that special touch of care and appreciation. Don't forget to send out favors and prizes as well.

So, what do you think? Would you try a virtual shower or have you tried one before? There is no reason you cannot celebrate your baby. It just takes a little but if planning and thinking outside the box. I know you can do it, honey!

I'd love to hear about it in the comments?

With lots of honey,



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