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navigating pregnancy bliss: a prenatal visit with a doula

Congratulations, honey!!!

I'm sure you have so many questions about the journey ahead of you but that is what I'm here for as a doula to put all of your Google searches into a few prenatal visits and birth support.

Pregnancy is a miraculous and beautiful journey, but it's also a time of many questions, uncertainties, and a rollercoaster of emotions.

This beautiful chaos many expectant honeys are now discovering just how incredible the support a doula can bring to your prenatal experience.

Tap In honey!!

My prenatal visits follow the Mind, Body & Babee model of care into the magic of prenatal visits. I aim to make your journey to parenthood even more special. Honey, start looking for doulas as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Early meetings can if only guarantee a spot on our calendar but also gives time to build a relationship and curate your doula care.

Depending on when honeys hire me, for some I'm following along in the beginning weeks of early pregnancy and hand holding for more than a year. I honor that space families give me i their lives. It's a big hive of a family.

The purpose of my prenatal honey visits is to provide natural chilbirth education focusing on comfort measures, fetal positioning, stages of labor and breastfeeding. These visits depending on your desired package can range from 1-4 prenatal visits depending on your needs.

My prenatal honey visits will:

1. Build a Trusted Relationship

2. Tailor My Support Just For You

3. Make Your Emotional Well-being a Priority

4. Education and Empowerment

5. Partner Involvement

6. Postpartum Preparation

prenatal honey visit

Your prenatal honey visit will last approximately 2 hours in your home or in our office if you have chosen group care. This visit is typically held around 30-32 weeks to begin your childbirth education. I highly recommend honeys to take The Birth & The B.E.E.S. childbirth class beforehand to have some knowledge of the information we will discuss.

wait jada, I still need to take a childbirthing class?

Yes, honey! All the education the better. This class goes into depth about pregnancy through the first latch of your babee. Your visits will focus on emotional well being too. Birth is mental so we must prepare the mind and the body too. My classes are for all schedules from private classes to group classes too.

where will the visits be held?

Honeys usually prefer the comforts of their home particularly if you are a home birth client. It gives your birth team a chance to familiarize themselves with your home too. We most likely sit at your kitchen table or right on your couch.

Group care is held in office but honeys always have the option of visiting the office too. Lastly, an option is outside with open space to perform comfort measures.

can my family be there?

Of course honey! The more the merrier. I would love to educate anyone that will be supporting you in your birth. I encourage you to be mindful of inviting people that are supportive of your beliefs and desires for your birth. Kids are welcomed too! Education starts with the littles to normalize birthing options and choices.

what goes on during a visit?

We will go over pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and more. The first visit is partner centered to get to know you through then. Your honey loves you and I love what I do which makes the perfect team of support for you. We will discuss what fear and anxieties you have if any and how to process them. Breathing exercise to guide you through labor too. Educate you on what each stage of labor looks like and how best to comfort you. We give suggestions and a few duties to be sure partners feel included and supported too.

Our next few visits will go over prenatal nutrition, exercise and movement throughout pregnancy, stages of labor, comfort measures, coping techniques, medical Interventions if you're birthing in a hospital, birthing into the first latch and postpartum care. We educate you on belly mapping to find the optimal birthing position for you.

Some visits can include joyful honey visits such as belly facials and belly castings!!

Many honeys are so busy checking off all the things to do they are not taking the necessary time to bnd with their babee in utero and actually enjoy your pregnancy and your changing body.

Prenatal visits are a transformative experience, turning the uncertainties of pregnancy into a journey of empowerment, support, and connection. Hey, honey!

I see you!

Finally, we’ll talk about your specific and unique birth preferences when it comes to the three types of support I provide as your doula. The physical, emotional, and educational honey. Typically, clients know that they'll need one of those three more than the others. Some people simply state

I don't know what I don't know!

Now we can get specific. You may want more coaching and not too much education. You may want me to explain terms or procedures more thoroughly when decisions are being made for birth.

Although a doula is anyone that can protect and provide a safe and loving birthing space, it's a fairly new term as far as a professional title is concerned. Having empathy and listening to a laboring honey are the specific requirements needed to support you. As more honeys recognize the value of having a doula by their side, the magic of these visits continues to weave its way into the beautiful tapestry of childbirth to parenthood.

Embrace the journey.

Embrace the support.

Congratulations on your new bundle of upcoming joy!! If you're interested in curating a positive birth experience by building your birth support team with my services, I'd love to chat for free honey!!

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