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preparing to breastfeed with virtual support

Generally, most of healthcare has switched to TeleHealth support to provide patients with uncomplicated virtual comprehensive care amid the COVID19 pandemic. Milk + Honey Co., LLC is no different, I personally love it because it's support right at your finger tips in the comforts of your home.

We have a huge problem with making mothers become mobile so soon after delivery fore tasks, like signing paperwork or even signing up for services families need, that can be handled electronically to ease the burden of a new mother physically and emotionally. That support is no different for lactation consultations.

Virtual support allows a parent to ask questions about concerns they may have about uncomplicated breastfeeding challenges.

If you are pregnant and want to breastfeed, now is the time to plan. I've made a virtual support checklist to prepare you for your journey BEFORE your baby arrives.

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You should begin searching for providers during your pregnancy, that are first and foremost breastfeeding friendly and not breastfeeding tolerant. There is a difference in your support and duration.

Find local or online support groups, breast friends and most importantly begin to build your breastfeeding support team through peer counselors, certified breastfeeding specialists, such as myself,

for troubleshooting and uncomplicated breastfeeding challenges and an IBCLC which is an internationally board certified lactation consultant for when breastfeeding becomes too medically difficult to manage.

Right click on the graphic to download or click here for more documents.

The old saying if you fail to plan, prepare to fail, is true. You must have a breastfeeding plan in place for quick reference to navigate the who's, how's and what's of lifestyle responsibilities so that you can focus on you and learning to breastfeed your baby. We encourage families to become proactive and start classes around the seventh month of pregnancy to navigate challenges when they do arise because frankly, they most likely will. This doesn't mean that you cannot overcome them but you will be able to recognize what is normal and what is not and how to adjust.

A postpartum doula can assist with care during the postpartum period to manage household organization, provide evidence based information on newborn care, breastfeeding support, infant feeding and encourage families to ask for help before problems arise. Again, I know a great postpartum doula too..


It's me, honey...

How can I help you achieve your breastfeeding goals today, honey?

Come on in and get this T.E.A., honey.....

****the information provided in this blog is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. This blog is a mixture of personal experience and evidence based information to encourage families to advocate for themselves.


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