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skin to skin increases breastfeeding initiation

#SkintoSkin is the most optimal and natural way to initiate breastfeeding. The benefits of skin to skin are important to mother baby bonding and baby led initiation during the first hour of birth known as the #Golden Hour or the “Sensitive Period”. ⁣⁣


When a baby is placed skin to skin immediately after birth there are 9 observable newborn stages that happen in a specific order that are innate and instinctive for the baby to initiate breastfeeding. This time period is sensitive because it can determine the introduction to your breastfeeding journey. During this Golden Hour your baby will demonstrate “Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages” ⁣

We encourage families not to interrupt this process to allow baby to attempt the “Breast Crawl” and begin to feed. These stages could last up to an hour and a half. Be patient, honey?! Ask guests to leave to give you and your partner time to bond and experience the love in Motherhood! ⁣ ⁣

🤱🏾The Birth Cry ⁣⁣



🤱🏾Activity (30 minutes after Birth)⁣⁣

🤱🏾Rest ⁣⁣

🤱🏾Crawling (35 minutes after)⁣⁣

🤱🏾Familiarization (45 minutes after birth)⁣⁣

🤱🏾Suckling (60 minutes after birth)⁣⁣

🤱🏾Sleep (90 -120 minutes after birth) ⁣⁣


Skin to Skin results in a stronger maternal bond, reduced hospital stays, reduced need for expensive healthcare technology, increased parental involvement and teaching opportunities for families. ⁣⁣



Current evidence shows that skin-to-skin between mother and baby immediately or shortly after birth helps to initiate early breastfeeding and will likely increase the duration on your breastfeeding journey for up to four months. Infants placed in early skin-to-skin contact with their mother also appear to interact more with their mothers and cry less.


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