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Spilt Milk Text Support

I've been in lactation for about 5 years now and best believe I am taking notes on what goes on with my clients from birth to breastfeeding and how I can better curate my services to benefit them the most.


We are in the world of social media and my job is to get you off of it and onto my website to book lactation specific support. Google has awesome information but many times the information is outdated, out of context, only explains part of the resolution or just completely wrong. For you, honey!

Becoming a first time mom brings so many questions that it can become overwhelming. Throw in a few TikToks, Google and well meaning former breastfeeding friends ... you now have the perfect cocktail for breastfeeding challenges and a defeated journey.

Not to mention completely confused with a dwindling supply:

"My friend was telling me I need to eat more"

"My mom said I need to"

Is it working?

Probably not? If only breastfeeding were that simple. See this is what I've learned working with the breastfeeding dyad. Lactation support means individualized quality care that caters to the person sitting in front of me. I take a mind, body & babee approach when consulting with new parents.

"How is mom, mentally and physically and is babee thriving."

If one of those three components are unhealthy then none of them will work together cohesively and without additional stress. Mom and babee are interchangeable.

Having answers at your finger tips is one of the greatest benefits of modern technology and social media. You can get all your questions answered in demand.

Breastfeeding can be joyful, honey! With the right support.

Spilt Milk is a text based service that allows parents to have access to correct information and resources to complement their milk feeding journey.

So how does it work?

When you've decided you want to invest in this text/email service, you will book an appointment with any time slot on the day you'd like your texting service to start (disregard the 5 min appointment).

Once you have purchased this service you will be sent an email within 3 hours providing you the details of which app to install and I will add your phone number.

Do I have to fill out intake forms?

Yes. You will also be required to fill out an consent/intake form to better understand your unique lactation journey thus far. We will be able to communicate through this HIPAA compliant texting service for 30 days. You will be allowed to send photos. Your questions will be answered at latest from 8:00am - 8:00pm EST daily. All questions beyond 8PM EST will be answered next day.

Is Split Milk services available on weekends and holidays?

Yes. Weekends are included in this service. Should I be unavailable for a day/days, (holidays or vacations) your service will be extended by the amount of days vacant. You will be notified.

Limited number of spots will be available to ensure I am able to provide you with the lactation support you require.

Please note, if you require a flange sizing during the 30 days, this will need to be purchased aside from the texting lactation support service here

To book Spilt Milk text service click here.



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