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birth better, breastfeed better

Hey honey!!

It’s true. If we have better birthing experiences we tend to have better breastfeeding experiences.

You can’t start when there is a problem with breastfeeding postpartum. What are we doing prenatally to prepare for #TheFirstLatch

Your body is already ahead of you making #Colostrum Right now at 16-20 weeks.

So many chains of initiation are broken in the first few hours of babee’s life. Every decision rushed or forced. Babees are to be kept with their mothers in the skin to skin position through the Golden Hour(s) which is up to 3 hours after birth.

Steps to Breastfeeding Success

  • Take a childbirthing education that includes birth interventions that delay initiation.

  • Take a breastfeeding class to understand how your body makes milk.

These two classes are delicately intertwined. I try to bridge that gap between the two with simple holistic solutions in my breastfeeding clas which has an emphasis on the first 3-6 hours after birth did the first two days.


Hire lactation support BEFORE babee gets here. Schedule a visit within the first few days of life to demonstrate how to feed your babee.

Because you think you know until that precious babee is in your hand and you realize it’s more than just putting your nipple in babees mouth. It’s an art to this. I wish it were that simple, honey!

Book #TheBirthAndTheBees in home class to learn how birthing better leads to a better breastfeeding journey, honey!! #linkinbio


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