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starting your breastfeeding journey


It's the spirit of the season and my birthday month. I've been giving away classses now it's time for visits.

Worrying about milk is what we don't do around here.

There's an art to breastfeeding. It's a community act.

Although I am a doula I began this journey in lactation. I've offered Lactation visit since 2018 and it is the peanut butter to my jelly, honey!! One thing I've experienced with if not all is prenatal preparation is key!!

You're not supposed to know how to breastfeed. It's something you have to be taught how to do!

and the hospital system is banking you will do nothing but believe that breastfeeding and making milk will come naturally.

Cue supplementation. So...

What's your plan for the BREAST START of your journey!!

Start here, honey...

Tis the season for specials. When you book the Breast Start bundle you will receive 40 days of text support to assist with the phases in milk production.

How does this sound..,

Breastfeeding isn't linear it serves in stages and phases that honeys face in the initiation process. During the first two weeks of life the prolactin hormone is in overdrive to make milk and frequent visits to ensure adequate milk transfer is key to a healthy babee AND

healthy and positive feeling honey.

Check out the support for YOU!!

AND until Dec 31 when you book the Breast Start bundle you will receive FREE text support for 40 days.

This is how you start your initiation of breastfeeding off right. With skilled lactation support. Place your BIG day on my calendar take your visits and call me when babee arrives...

Let's chat over a free consult and discuss your goals and how to crush them, honey!

Book a free Coffee w Milk consultation.


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