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take a breastfeeding class, honey

You still haven't taken your class yet?

Stop playing, honey!

And take the breastfeeding class!!

I hear moms state the regret of not taking a class before their baby arrived when I do some consults. In all honesty, honey, any lactation professional or successful breastfeeding mom will hands down tell you the importance of learning HOW by taking a class, honey.

Yes, it’s not as simple as it may seem or look for that matter. Most of us think a baby will automatically come out the womb ready to feed!


God forbids your baby delivers early and may not be able to latch correctly because his/her mouth is too small. What would you do?

We can spoon/cup feed, try nutritive finger sucking, SNS systems and other alternatives to feed your baby?

Yes honey, this is breastfeeding too.

Your birth plan and environment may not go as planned and may have been traumatic enough to cause a delay in your milk volume.

We will hand express to move that milk!

Hand express... what’s that?!

Exactly, take a class honey!

So here are a few reasons why you should take the damn breastfeeding class!!

Yes breastfeeding is a wonderfully made exquisite art. There is a learned component that must be mastered to fully maximize your milk production.

Proper positioning when attempting breastfeeding initiation.

No! The cradle position should NOT be demonstrated to a mother to attempt the first latch. ALL mothers should begin breastfeeding initiation in a biological nursing position.

Yes, biological nursing is baby led breastfeeding!

Baby led breastfeeding???

Take the breastfeeding class, girl!

This point I cannot stress the most. The misinformation that is given out from not only the non breastfeeders, or the "my baby did just fine crew" is overwhelming but your own pediatrician will offer breastfeeding advice that is so outdated and counterproductive to a mother exclusively breastfeeding her infant she may eventually give up on her journey and being supplementing with formula.

Taking a class ensures that you are equipped with evidence based knowledge to confidently breast or chest feed to conquer and surpass your breastfeeding goals.

The most important part of breastfeeding is building the confidence to endure. Breastfeeding is more commitment and small amount of milk. Whether you think you can or're simply right, honey. Education allows to know how breastfeeding works and to recognize challenges and know how to navigate through them. Maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy is a significant predictor of breastfeeding duration. Confidence can make or break your journey, honey.

Every nursing mother will tell you they could not have surpassed their journey with out support. Support is very crucial in continuing your journey. The postpartum period is a time of vulnerability for a new mother and her support ideally should come from he partner if you have one, if not then now is the time to begin your postpartum planning and writing down where you will seek support when breastfeeding becomes overwhelming. Also a good breastfeeding class will have resources for you to utilize after your baby arrives.

Take the breastfeeding class, honey...

I've had moms show up to my monthly meet ups believing they could get the information in our groups. Support groups are structured to answer question mothers may have about breastfeeding give prenatal information but not enough to efficiently teach you how to breastfeed.

Support groups includes nursing mothers that you are able to witness, gather and mingle with during your journey. Your BREAST FRIENDS is what we like to call them. Establishing a support circle of breastfeeding mothers is key in achieving your goals. Other nursing mothers can empathize with your challenges, offer information to help you overcome or just be a friend to turn to when breastfeeding becomes isolating in the beginning. Classes and support groups both have tremendous value but have varying roles.

Oh it's levels to breastfeeding honey. Breastfeeding in not a linear journey. It is filled with many triumphs and challenges at first. Taking a class will teach you about the benefits of breastfeeding. And trust me, honey the list goes on and on. Classes teach tips for breastfeeding success. Some stages of your journey may be more challenging but by taking a class you are better equipped to manage them and not wait to seek help when concerns arise.

Remember breastfeeding is time sensitive and immediate help is necessary when a mother runs into complications.

You are wonderfully made.

Sign up for our next fearless breastfeeding class here.

Jada Metcalf | is a mom of two, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Postpartum Doula, ROSE Community Transformer, IBCLC in training and a lactation and postpartum wellness business owner.

Health information on this site is based on peer-reviewed medical journals and highly respected health organizations and institutions including the CDC (Center for Disease Control), AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), WHO ( World Health Organization), NIH (National Institute of Health), ABM (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine)


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