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the breast friend kit


It’s in the art of breastfeeding where you find your rhythm. It may take a couple of weeks but once you understand how milk production works AND normal newborn behavior. It becomes more manageable.

Responding to biological needs takes the practice of listening and watching for those feeding cues until you are able to hone in on that ability. Sometimes babees may need more assistance than most with latching but until we get it down hand expression ensure your beans will be properly fed.

Hand expression is recommended beginning 38 weeks pregnancy in low risk mothers. For those that maybe high risk you can begin at the onset of labor too. Remember honey…we are NOT making a freeezer stash of colostrum! We’re collecting just enough to get you over the hump of the first few days with two 1-2 ounces at most.

This art is beneficial should babee not latch or the onset of milk production is delayed through medical complications. I even recommend beginning hand expression during labor too.

Honey you don’t need a stash just a day or to if need otherwise LATCH your babee. Becoming familiar with the anatomy of your breast is extremely important to body feeding and hand expression is a great way to lead, honey!

Have you considered prenatal colostrum collection? I can teach you!

The #BreastFriendKit has three alternatives to express and feed your babee with syringes to properly freeze and store with labels. Pick up your kit today!!

Does your plan have a back up plan? Book lactation services here. #bookmehoney


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