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breastfeeding isn’t painful…nipple feeding is though.


The cases of nipple feeding I see OUCH! 🙊 First off hats off for COMMITTING to feeding through excruciating pain.

👉🏽 NOW let’s find the cause, healing solutions, deeper latching and optimal positions to achieve a deeper latch.

Many times moms just need to be shown HOW to breastfeed, there is an exquisite art to it. You need someone that has the time and patience to show you how to get a deeper latch and many hospitals just don’t have time for in depth sessions.

🚨You need private lactation support!

👅Sometimes there are functional issues that prevent your babee from obtaining AND maintaining a deep latch.

What does that nipple look like after babee latches?! 👀




🐵Lipstick Shaped


🙊Nipple Blebs

It’s time to get some help honey because that is not breastfeeding….you’re nipple feeding! Let’s get you on the right tit to crushing your goals too!!


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