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do you have a postpartum plan in place?

Honey, do you have your postpartum care/plan/sanctuary in place?

We heavily focus on our birthing plans but we tend to forget about our postpartum journey.

Okay first what IS a postpartum plan?

✨It is plan you prepare with your partner to express your goals and preferences for life during the first weeks and months with your new baby.

💫Our Partum Me, Honey digital planner contains over 25+ pages of evidence based information about breast or chest feeding, plans for visitors, postpartum nutrition, meal preparation, chores, self-care, sibling responsibilities, mental and physical health resources and more.

⚡️Don’t go 40 weeks into pregnancy and not be prepared for your postpartum journey! Our planner will transition you into a thriving postpartum recovery.

I just want to see you thrive into your postpartum journey, honey! #bookmehoney

Click the link in my bio and hit the tab Postpartum Planning Kit to purchase!!


Purchase yours here:


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