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let’s chat about breastfeeding before babee arrives

Hey honey…

Prenatal care is the optimal time to learn as much as you can before your babee arrives.

Trust me you don’t want to figure out how to breastfeed with a crying newborn screaming back at you. Prenatal consults offer you time to practice what you learned.

Consults have many benefits such as discussing anxieties you may have about your new journey or even a previous one.

Let’s explore realistic expectations and make a plan to transition smoothly into your postpartum recovery.

Ready to parent naturally? Or maybe you just what more ongoing pregnancy, birth and postpartum support? It’s me, honey!!

I offer prenatal consultations in the surrounding Metro Atlanta counties as far as Peachtree City to discuss what your postpartum lifestyle looks like, realistic expectations and a make a breastfeeding plan to crush your goals.

Book your prenatal consult today! Is live to chat with you, honey! #LinkInBio


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