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the first latch: breastfeeding/bottle feeding 101

Join my #TheFirstLatch Breastfeeding 101 class and learn how to optimize your milk production from the first latch to the last.

I will be spilling the T.E.A. on the Art of Breast and Bottle Feeding and how you can crush your goals.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

✔️Breast Anatomy

✔️The Golden Hour

✔️Engorgement/Hand Expression

✔️Newborn Behaviors

✔️The Early Weeks

✔️Programming and maintaining your supply

✔️When to seek help

✔️Returning to work and more

Let's get your journey off to the right start with me, honey!

Book your class now and add on your #BreastfFriendKit now to practice before babee arrives! 👉🏽


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