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Honey… 🍯🚨SHARE + SAVE THIS🍯🚨

This months special!!!

Dear Mama

Everyone knows someone that’s pregnant so this email if definitely for you too, honey!

Give a mom or pregnant person the gift of love that keeps on giving. Teaching her how to feed her babee whether latched, expressed or shared…. human milk.


Prepare for the journey ahead with education and support during the early days of breastfeeding complete with your own #BreastFriendKit a hand expression kit to collect colostrun when babee arrives.

Let’s get off to the breast start to your bodyfeeding journey BEFORE babee gets here!🎉

This deal expires JUNE 18th. Due dates June - Aug.

Already on your journey and have questions? Book a slot during my Virtual Clinic Drop a 💛 in the comments if you’re ready to sign up for my next class, honey?!


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