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nipple honey

Hey, Honey!

For the New Year #TheBreastFriendKit has been updated a bit. We no longer carry Medihoney in our kits and new packaging too. More upgrades will be rolling out soon too!

We’ve replaced it with an all natural hand curated butter —> #NippleHoney can be used for sore cracked nipples, as a lubricant for pumping flanges or as a light oil to do gentle breast massage for inflammation.

Any time your nipples are sore, cracked, tender, bleeding, dry or have other uncomfortable symptoms this is a good time to use nipple honey to relieve pain, aid in wound healing AND to seek help from a lactation professional such as an IBCLC or Certified Lactation Counselor ASAP depending on the complication to help you get a better latch or evaluate for oral restrictions.

Nipple Honey contains 5 ingredients olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, calendula and rose extract. All safe for topical use and for nursing mothers. There is no actual honey in this product just a lot of love and care (honey) in each jar.

Purchase your nipple honey here

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Need a bit more support but not local. Book a virtual consultation here.

***The information provided in this blog should not be replace by a medical provider. It is to complement your lactation journey with evidence based information.***


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