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fat, pregnancy and milk

Great morning, Honey…..

What’s for breakfast?

So let’s chat about the F word. Not that one but, FAT! 🤭

Part of my prenatal visits is discussing the benefits of nutrition before, during and after pregnancy. We’ll even snack over a healthy plate like this. I discuss some of my favorite QUICK recipes packed with nutrients and energy during the beginning of your labor and into postpartum.

Fat is an important part of any healthy diet. During pregnancy, fat is needed to support your baby's growth and development.

Much of the extra weight you gain is due to your baby growing, but your body will also store fat, ready to make breast milk after your baby is born. 😱

‼️Putting on too much or too little weight can lead to health problems for you or your unborn baby. Portion sized servings and Balance, honey!

💪🏽While it's true that some fats carry health risks, fat is an important source of energy and helps the body absorb certain nutrients. It also provides essential fatty acids that your body can't make, but which are vital for your baby's development throughout pregnancy.

🤱🏽When you breast-feed you use fat cells stored in your body during pregnancy — along with calories from your diet to fuel your milk production.

🗣So, the extra weight you gain during pregnancy and it just kinda sticks around postpartum is designed to feed and grow your baby.

Foods That Provide Healthy Fats

* Avocado

* Olive, coconut, grapeseed, or sunflower oil

* Almonds

* Salmon

* Olives

* Peanut butter

* Almond butter

* Cashews

* Flax seed

* Edamame

* Pistachios

* Dark chocolate

* Egg

* Tofu:


Again, 🗣What’s for breakfast, honey? I’m hungry!


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